Family Tree – Blissett

The tree shows the straight line ancestry from the current oldest known BLISSETT to my youngest son. For descendants of Derry, Melvyn, Ken and Debbie, simply step in at Dulcie Blissett ….. everything above that point is valid for you !

The Blissetts can be traced right back to the reign of Henry VIII, the defeat of the Spanish Armada and beyond Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowwder Plot to the Berkshire village of Blewbury. The family lived in or around this corner of Berkshire (between Reading and Oxford) from the late 1500s through to c.1870 when they moved into their more recent stronghold of Essex.

The name Blissett has evolved from several variations and can be traced as far back as as 1273 when Hugh Blesset was a major landowner in Oxfordshire. It is also known that some of the earliest to travel across the Atlantic to colonise North America in the 1600s were from the Blissett family and there is, as a result, a lot of interest in the family among US family historians.