Whenever you go trawling through records from the past, there is the danger of (a) getting something wrong and (b) unearthing information that some may prefer to be kept hidden !

Most of what I have included on the site is based on what I can find through official records but that doesn’t always mean that I’ve interpreted those records correctly so if you think I’ve got it wrong, please don’t take offence – just get in touch and help put things right for me !

Last but not least, whenever you start building family trees, there is a real danger of things exploding into something uncontrollable as you start delving into siblings, their offspring, the offsprings siblings, etc, etc. If you don’t apply some rules then you lose the relevant information among the shed loads of irrelevant information.

This site was always about giving my kids – all still Youngs at the moment – an idea of where they came from and that is what determines my rules. Basically if you are a Young or you were a Young or you married a Young then you are included in the data but if you are not a Young and never were a Young then you generally won’t be included and that applies to each of the other broader family names – that gives me some boundaries to stay within !

…… and. of course, I reserve the right to ignore all of my rules at any time !!!